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On this page we have made available to you a number of printable and digital media resources to help you gather information as you consider the right life care management solution for yourself or your loved one. If the information you seek is not available on this page, please be sure to also review our FAQs page or contact us. logo

Medicare, like all health insurance programs, can be very complicated. In fact, we found that over 50% of seniors enrolling in Medicare during open enrollment find choosing the right plan confusing, and more than one-third of seniors do not feel prepared to choose the right plan. is a new online resource center (Note: we do not sell or provide healthcare plans), designed to help tackle the challenges associated with Medicare.

  1. Serve as a Medicare counselor, advocate, and educator
  2. Provide fact-based, data-driven, expert-reviewed information about Medicare and Medicare rights
  3. Advocate for and assist in finding actionable solutions to healthcare coverage problems for aging adults

The newly updated resource on Medicare Advantage Plans in Virginia helps guide seniors through the state’s available plans, eligibility requirements, and enrollment guidelines. Most importantly, this resources provides a list of helpful community organizations throughout Virginia that can further support seniors with their healthcare needs.

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Arlington County Resources

The Arlington County Aging and Disability Services Division is your gateway to information for older adults, persons with disabilities, and their caregivers.

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NGA Ethical Principles (PDF)

Adopted in 2000 and revised in 2013, NGA’s Standards of Practice offer guidelines for guardians across the country. Paladin Life Care follows these industry-standard principles in our practice. Read the Standards of Practice here.

The Value of Working with an Aging Life Care Professional® (PDF)

ALCA is excited to release new findings from research conducted by the Florida Chapter of the Aging Life Care Association. Florida researchers first studied how care recipients valued the services provided by Aging Life Care Professionals. The results from the second phase considered the value of services as viewed by the “responsible party” authorized to pay for Aging Life Care™ services on behalf of an individual. Review the document here.