Sharing success stories

On this page, we tell the stories of some of our most memorable and successful client engagements. Take a moment to look at our case studies and then when you are ready, contact us to discuss how Paladin Life Care can help your specific needs.

Tom's Story

Sometimes unique problems creep up that other caregivers and family members may not discover. Recognizing and fixing these can be critical to helping seniors and those with special needs live the life they deserve.

We were in the process of bringing “Tom” home from a skilled nursing facility (SNF) in a short window of time.  While our Client Care Manager (CCM) was doing a walk-through of the home to identify any safety concerns, she recognized signs of bed bugs.

Tom’s family informed her that the home had previously been treated with chemicals.  However, Julie, our CCM, noticed fresh bite marks on Tom’s wife and respectfully recommended a premier pest control company.  Upon approval of the family, Julie contacted a company that utilizes trained dogs to sniff out the bugs.

Paladin Life Care also vetted professional services such as bed bug preparation and cleaning, while managing the entire remediation process.

Julie was on-site when the bed bug sniffing dog went to work.  Two rooms were quickly identified as having large infestations, with other rooms showing signs of activity.

The pest control company explained that when areas are spot-treated with chemicals the bed bugs flee into the walls of the home and not eradicated. He recommended a whole home heat treatment in which the entire house is heated to at least 177 degrees!

Preparing the house is a huge undertaking involving the removal of items from furniture to paintings and combustible hair spray. All of this needed to be done in 10 days so Tom could return home without incurring additional Medicare fees of $450 per day by staying more than 100 days in the nursing facility.

We accomplished it all within that time frame, bringing great peace of mind to Tom and his family.  Tom is now living the best life possible with our RN Care Manager and CCM ensuring his well-being at home.