A new brand for a new vision

Paladin Life Care, formerly IKOR of Greater Washington DC, launched in 2019. Read on below to learn a little bit more about our brand and its significance.

Our Mission Statement

Aging and disability don’t have to be all-consuming. Paladin Life Care provides medical and financial services to seniors and people with disabilities, so they can live their best life now.

At Paladin, our Life Care Teams know that how one ages and how one envisions their life is different for every person. Longer lives require better advice and new approaches to aging. Getting older is an individual experience – a time to be savored, not feared. It is not easy to navigate the changes as we age or when life throws new challenges at us. How will I age? What will my life be like as I move forward, knowing I have new restrictions? Changes to legislation, healthcare, technology, and family dynamics, all make it harder to navigate changes. Paladin Life Care will defend our client’s interests and advocate for them through both unexpected and planned life changes, providing direction, trust, and hope.

Our Vision – Advocate for each client to live their best life now

We identify the most appropriate options and solutions for seniors’ and people with disabilities’ individual needs and in their best interests to improve their lives.

Our Company Culture (Core Idea) – We explain our actions

We take an idea, situation, or problem and make it clear to our clients, describing it in more detail and revealing relevant facts and considering new ideas or options to fit their life situation.

Our Team Values – God, Family, Work, and a Sense of Humor

We keep God first, then Family, work diligently and tirelessly to enhance our client’s lives, and do it all with a sense of humor, to achieve an appropriate work/life balance.

Our Tagline – Defending Your Interests. Advocating Your Life.